Moisture meters from Tramex are some of the best built and most accurate non-destructive meters available. From the best selling MEP (Moisture Encounter Plus) to the newer multi function digital meters such as the MRH III and CMEXpert you are able to get a deep signal penetration of more than one inch and even up to four inches with the heavy duty Roof and Wall Scanner. Their technology goes even deeper with the DEC Scanner that was designed for the serious roof inspection professional.

Tramex continues to bring forth new and quality products for the serious professional such as the FeedBack Datalogger which now allows someone to perform the ASTM 2170 sub surface concrete RH test for less than $400.

With the varying levels of adjustment on most of their meters, you are able to prove their value over and over. Tramex offers specially calibrated meters for concrete, marine surveys and woodworking. One thing that stands out is that they offer actual moisture levels for these different materials where most only offer a reference scale and/or number. The Tramex moisture meters also offer this reference scale/number in addition to the percent moisture scale on all of their non-penetrating moisture meters.

Years and years of heavy usage can be expected when you purchase a Tramex meter. They are built to last and they do.