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The Energy Conservatory Large Pressure Pan - 22"x22"x2"

The Energy Conservatory Pressure Pans
BEST PRICE GUARANTEED $145.00 For 22"x22"x2" Size

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  • The pressure pan is a duct leakage diagnostic tool which is used along with the Blower Door and digital pressure gauge to identify exterior air leakage in duct systems. This technique involves placing a gasketed pressure pan over each register or grille with the air handler fan off and the Blower Door depressurizing the house to a standard reference pressure. A measurement of the pressure between a duct run and the room where the duct register or grille is located provides a quick and reliable indication of whether significant exterior duct leaks exist in that section of the duct system.
  • The pattern of pressure pan readings allows for quick identification of major leakage sites, and can be used to tell technicians if they have done a good job of air sealing the duct system. Because the pressure pan does not require taping off of registers and grilles, it is an extremely quick diagnostic procedure.
  • Two size pressure pans are available: 12"x14"x4" and 22"x22"x2".
  • Includes a short handle which can be attached to a painter's pole for high registers.