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Protimeter moisture meters have long been the first choice for home inspectors due to their affordable price and 2 year manufacturer warranty. Previously GE Protimeter, the Protimeter moisture meter line was purchased by Amphenol Advanced Sensors who are committed industry leaders in their core product offerings. All of the meters and testers in the Protimeter line must adhere to strict ISO an IEC quality management and laboratory certification.

Consistency and durability are at the top of the line on the latest design of the Surveymaster, MMS2, Hygromaster II and Digital Mini meters. InspectorTools has been a stocking distributor for over 15 years now.

If you have any questions about the Protimeter line, do not hesitate to call us.

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Protimeter MMS2 BLD8800 Protimeter MMS2 BLD8800
Sale Price: $1,119.00
Protimeter MMS2 BLD8800-S Protimeter MMS2 BLD8800-S
Sale Price: $1,255.00
Protimeter MMS2 BLD8800-C Protimeter MMS2 BLD8800-C
Sale Price: $1,215.00
Protimeter MMS2 BLD8800-C-S Protimeter MMS2 BLD8800-C-S
Sale Price: $1,423.00
Protimeter MMS2 BLD8800-C-R Protimeter MMS2 BLD8800-C-R
Sale Price: $1,460.00
Protimeter BLD5975 Flood Kit Protimeter BLD5975 Flood Kit
Sale Price: $1,059.00