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Moisture Control Handbook: Principles and Practices for Residential and Small Commercial Buildings
Moisture Control Handbook: Principles and Practices for Residential and Small Commercial Buildings
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In the climate-controlled buildings of today, moisture problems affect not only the useable life expectancy of the structure, but the comfort and health of the occupants. This reference is the first to apply up-to-date moisture control and treatment techniques in a problem/solution format. Opening with an introductory explanation of the nature and causes of mold, mildew, and condensation, the book gives specific advice on heated, cooled, and combination environments, plus a short course in the dynamics of moisture movement within buildings.

Other invaluable coverage includes:
  • clear, detailed recommended practices for all United States climates
  • practices for cooling as well as heating climates (often, heating climate solutions are applied in cooling climates, where problems and solutions are completely different)
  • an overall, systematic view of moisture problems—including how mechanical systems and occupant lifestyles can create and also resolve moisture problems
  • actual case studies of buildings with moisture problems that illustrate the principles and practices presented in the book

    This detailed, no-nonsense exploration of moisture cause and effect—as well as its protection and remediation—will expand readers’ knowledge on this crucial subject. Moisture Control Handbook will be welcomed by building contractors, architects, mechanical engineers, building science researchers, building product manufacturers, homeowners, and small commercial building owners.

    Table of Contents:

  • Mold, Mildew, and Condensation.

  • Moisture Movement.

  • Design Considerations for Building Assemblies.

  • Moisture Control Practices for Heating Climates.

  • Moisture Control Practices for Mixed Climates.

  • Moisture Control Practices for Cooling Climates.

  • Case Studies of Moisture Problems.

  • References/Bibliography.

  • Index.